What's new in App Analytics

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: App Analytics helps you maximize your opportunity on the App Store by providing privacy-friendly insights about your app. Learn about four new ways to grow your business, including information about custom product pages, in-app events, product page optimization, and new metrics about transactions on the store.

  • Redesigned App Analytics, no code needed in app, automatic
  • New metrics: Pre-orders, Proceeds, Updates, Re-downloads, Total downloads
  • New pre-order dashboard with impressions, page views, by device / source / territory
  • Apple Silicon Macs can be filtered in iOS apps, falls under "Desktop" device category
  • New App Clips ribbon, dashboard with views, sessions, crashes, installations, territories
  • Product Page Optimization: A/B testing, dashboard, conversion, statistical analysis
  • Custom Product Pages: page views, downloads, conversion, proceeds, retention
  • In-App Events: impressions, notifications, downloads, opens

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Written by

Cihat Gündüz

Cihat Gündüz

Native iOS & Android developer who loves to share reusable work, like BartyCrouch, AnyLint, HandySwift & more. Founder of Flinesoft, an app company preparing for a "better future".