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Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover new ways to make your product page more relevant. Learn how you can use custom product pages to highlight different features and content in your app for different users. Explore how you can optimize your product page by comparing the effectiveness of different visual assets to see what users like most. We'll cover what you need to know, the assets to prepare, and how to get ready to create the most effective product page for your app.

  • "Later this year" able to use custom product pages & product page optimizations
  • Custom product pages
    • Different features can be showcased for different users
    • Customizable metadata: App preview videos, screenshots, promotional text
    • Pages are fully localizable
    • Shareable via unique URL (e.g. for a newsletter, highlighting a specific feature)
    • App Analytics: Impressions, Downloads, Conversion, Retention, average proceeds
    • Up to 35 custom product pages possible (per app)
    • No submitting of new version of app needed for custom product pages
  • Product page optimizations
    • "Original" and "Treatment" page, basically "A/B" testing
    • Up to 3 different treatments possible, reach can be chosen
    • App icon, preview videos etc. changeable
    • Users with alternative treatment will see the alternative app icon in home screen
    • Developers need to add alternative app icons into their assets
    • Restricting a treatment to a specific language is possible
    • Monitor: Impressions, Downloads, Conversion, Improvement
    • Most effective treatment can then be applied in next update to be default
  • Full API support in App Store Connect API for both features (automatable)

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Cihat Gündüz

Cihat Gündüz

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