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App Store & Distribution

Expanding automation with the App Store Connect API
What's new in App Store Connect
What’s new with in-app purchase


Introducing Car Keys
Lists in UICollectionView
Modern cell configuration
Meet WidgetKit
Stacks, Grids, and Outlines in SwiftUI
Build SwiftUI views for widgets
Widgets Code-along, part 1: The adventure begins
Widgets Code-along, part 2: Alternate timelines
Widgets Code-along, part 3: Advancing timelines
App essentials in SwiftUI
Build document-based apps in SwiftUI
Data Essentials in SwiftUI
What's new in SwiftUI
Advances in diffable data sources
Create complications for Apple Watch
Enable encrypted DNS
Build complications in SwiftUI
Keep your complications up to date
Build with iOS pickers, menus and actions
Design high quality Siri media interactions
Expand your SiriKit Media Intents to more platforms
Background execution demystified
Empower your intents
Decipher and deal with common Siri errors
Integrate your app with Wind Down
The Push Notifications primer
Advances in UICollectionView
What's new in Universal Links
Explore the Action & Vision app
Meet Watch Face Sharing
Build for iPad
Meet Scribble for iPad
What's new in PencilKit
Boost performance and security with modern networking
Create app clips for other businesses
Introduction to SwiftUI
Streamline your app clip
Build location-aware enterprise apps
Build scalable enterprise app suites
Configure and link your app clips
Inspect, modify, and construct PencilKit drawings
Structure your app for SwiftUI previews
What's new in CareKit
Formatters: Make data human-friendly
Explore logging in Swift
Swift packages: Resources and localization
Get the most out of Sign in with Apple
Explore app clips
What's new in HealthKit
Discover WKWebView enhancements
Create quick interactions with Shortcuts on watchOS
Broaden your reach with Siri Event Suggestions
What's new in ResearchKit
Build localization-friendly layouts using Xcode
Handle the Limited Photos Library in your app
What's new in Web Inspector
Meet the new Photos picker
Beyond counting steps
What's new in education
What's new in location
What's new in Wallet and Apple Pay
Getting started with HealthKit
Meet Safari Web Extensions
Meet Nearby Interaction
Build trust through better privacy
Swan's Quest, Chapter 4: The sequence completes
Explore the new system architecture of Apple Silicon Macs


Make your app visually accessible
What's new in SiriKit and Shortcuts
Evaluate and optimize voice interaction for your app
Design for intelligence: Apps, evolved
Design for intelligence: Make friends with "The System"
Design for intelligence: Discover new opportunities
Build for the iPadOS pointer
Design great widgets
Adopt the new look of macOS
Design for location privacy
What's new in watchOS design
Design great app clips
The details of UI typography
Add configuration and intelligence to your widgets
Design for intelligence: Meet people where they are
Design with iOS pickers, menus and actions
Design for iPad
SF Symbols 2
Design for the iPadOS pointer

Developer Tools

Identify trends with the Power and Performance API
Eliminate animation hitches with XCTest
Why is my app getting killed?
Write tests to fail
Explore Packages and Projects with Xcode Playgrounds
iPad and iPhone apps on Apple Silicon Macs
Distribute binary frameworks as Swift packages
XCTSkip your tests
Embrace Swift type inference
Safely manage pointers in Swift
What's new in Swift
Visually edit SwiftUI views
Port your Mac app to Apple Silicon
Explore numerical computing in Swift
Handle interruptions and alerts in UI tests
Get your test results faster
Build a SwiftUI view in Swift Playgrounds
Become a Simulator expert
Unsafe Swift
Add custom views and modifiers to the Xcode Library
Create Swift Playgrounds content for iPad and Mac
Swan's Quest, Chapter 1: Voices in the dark
Swan's Quest, Chapter 2: A time for tones
Swan's Quest, Chapter 3: The notable scroll
Triage test failures with XCTIssue


Platforms State of the Union

Graphics & Games

Explore ARKit 4
Support performance-intensive apps and games