WWDC Notes is an open-source and community-driven effort to collect notes for all Apple's WWDC videos.

WWDC is fantastic for many reasons:
Apple announces new major OS releases, new frameworks are unveiled, current frameworks are revamped, and much more.

The amount of new WWDC content every year is incredible and, sometimes, watching these videos is the only way to understand how things work, or how to make them work.

WWDC Notes can be used as a quick recap of what was presented, as a reference, or even as a time-saver, since watching all WWDC videos takes hundreds of hours.

Perhaps more importantly, Apple's video archive only keeps around WWDC videos from the last 3-4 years: WWDC Notes is also a preservation place for sessions whose videos are no longer available.

Everyone can contribute to building WWDC notes: find what's missing here, and we look forward to having you part of the community! Thank you.