Decipher and deal with common Siri errors

Description: “Sorry, there was a problem with the app..." Don’t let Siri errors get you down: Learn how to debug your Siri intents and create great integrations people can use through voice or the Shortcuts app. We’ll look at common intent errors, how to test for them, and the path to a seamless Siri experience for your app.

Automate Siri Queries

  • You can automate Siri queries using the scheme editor in Xcode when debugging your extension
  • When you're attaching to your intents extension, you have an option to choose between Siri and the as the host process

Debugging intents

  • as the intents UI extensions run in a separate processes, your breakpoints won't be hit by default: use the Xcode debug menu to attach to multiple processes at the same time

"Sorry there was a problem with the app"

If you get this error:

  • make sure your intent handler calls the completion handler within 10 seconds
  • make sure the completion handler is called once
  • your app/extension might have crashed (check crash logs)


  • use os_log and to see how your app and its extensions interact with each other

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