Explore UWB-based car keys

Description: Discover how to create digital car keys that support Ultra Wideband (UWB), allowing people to unlock and start their car while leaving iPhone in their bag or pocket or Apple Watch on their wrist. We’ll show you how to integrate UWB, add proximity actions and distance unlock features, and help people personalize their vehicle settings by identifying which key someone uses on the driver-side door. To get the most out of this session, we recommend watching the session “Introducing Car Keys” from WWDC20, which details the basics of pairing, key management, and server actions.

New features

  • Passive Entry Using UWB technology, you can now lock, unlock, and start your car while leaving iPhone in your bag or pocket, or Apple Watch on your wrist
  • RKE - Remote keyless entry controls Allow you to use your iPhone or Watch to lock, unlock, and perform other actions (pre-heat, open the trunk, check car state, ..) when you're in Bluetooth range of your car
  • Personalized settings Cars can now personalize settings by identifying which digital key is entering the car through which door

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Federico Zanetello

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