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Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Learn more about the framework powering SharePlay, and discover the different types of shared experiences you can implement for people who use your app. Explore a high-level overview of the framework’s architecture and concepts, including how Group Activities and AVFoundation work in tandem, and learn how to implement it into your app. This is a great starting point to know more about SharePlay and how to integrate Group Activities in your apps.

  • "Smart volume" ensures spoken parts are understandable by reducing content volume
  • Based on server-side content access, only works if all participants have access
  • GroupActivity protocol needs to be implemented for content objects
  • A Group session object will be provided by system to adjust playback
  • GroupSession object gives access to participants, has API for syncing data
  • The entire communication is end-to-end encrypted
  • The shared experience doesn’t have to be video/audio, could also be the creation of a document or anything else like drawing together
  • App needs to iterate on sessions (AsyncSequence object)
  • Loading up assets for shared experience while joining a session possible
  • After join called, there’s a GroupActivity channel to sync data (any actions possible)
  • Posting events possible, e.g. when someone pauses, notifies others in channel
  • Also supports playback syncing via Web on macOS

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