Designing Award Winning Apps and Games

Description: Through stories, interviews, and artifacts we will uncover valuable design processes, techniques, and best practices of Apple Design Award winning apps and games.

  • Innovation
    • Subverts expectations
    • Question basic assumptions
    • Convert problems into ideas

Basically throw out of the window what is the current standard and start from scratch, focus on the best experience for the given platform.

  • Fits into the flow of real life (no obstacles, external requirements)
  • Non-disruptive: provide value without getting in the way

Anything that makes the user more confident in using your app is great.

  • Trust
    • Attribution: the user can see, can cause and effect. It’s empowering
    • You can trust an app when the way it works feels transparent
    • Offer ways to adjust app intelligence
  • Refinement
    • Explore your ideas
    • Take your time
    • Draw inspiration from the real world (think like the calculator app) but make sure it doesn’t conflict with the expectations from a digital UI
    • Don’t be afraid to throw things away
  • Aesthetics
    • Avoid displaying too much information at any given time, show only what matters, remove clutter as much as possible
    • The goal is to get people concentrated and present in the current moment
    • Create a consistent design language
    • Layout every screen side by side
    • Design for the platform
  • Inclusion
    • Make your app as accessible as possible
  • Attention to detail
    • Attention to detail makes your app stands out from the crowd

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Written by

Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

iOS Engineer with strong passion for Swift, minimalism, and design. When he’s not busy automating things, he can be found writing at FIVE STARS and/or playing with the latest shiny toys.