What's new in Swift-DocC

Written by Darren Ford

Description: Join us for an exciting update on Swift-DocC and learn how you can write and share documentation for your own projects. We'll explore improvements to Swift-DocC navigation and share how you can compile documentation for application targets and Objective-C code. We'll also show you how to publish your content straight to hosting services like GitHub Pages.

Open source

  • Is now an open source project.
  • Current release is a collaboration with community.

App projects

Documentation catalogs

A 'bundle' of documentation. Contains additional markdown files and media

  1. Right click on your project's source folder
  2. Select 'New File...'
  3. Select 'Documentation Catalog'

Xcode automatically creates a top level document for you to fill in.

Can be linked to in your code via Xcode-docc link format eg

/// ``MyApp``  (MyApp is the name of documentation catalog)

Note: With Xcode 14 beta 1 it appears that you can only have a single documentation catalog. Creating more than one results in a compile error. Unknown if this is a bug or a limitation.

Good approach for app project documentation :-

  1. Start with each individual API
  2. Build higher level content and concepts using a documentation catalog.

Language support

  • Now supports Swift, Objective-C and C.
  • Use the same documentation markup for swift, objective-c and c code.
  • Generated documentation for code that can be accessed by multiple languages will contain a language toggle.


  • DocC archive (.doccarchive) has always contained a fully featured website representation.
  • With Xcode14 the .doccarchive is directly compatible with most managed hosting services (eg. GitHub pages)
  • In most cases, you can deploy your documentation by copying the contents of your built .doccarchive into the root of your web server.

If you cannot deploy at the root path of your url (eg. github pages)

  • set a base path in the projects build settings DocC Archive Hosting Base Path

eg. github pages :-

https://username.github.io/<your repository name>/documentation/<projectname>

The DocC Archive Hosting Base Path should be set to <your repository name>


Hosting location is at https://username.github.io/sloth-creator/documentation/slothcreator/

The DocC Archive Hosting Base Path should be set to sloth-creator

Then whenever the docc archive is re-built the base path for the html content will be at sloth-creator

Copy the content of the .doccarchive to the sloth-creator folder.

Swift Package Manager integration

Can be found here

  • Swift 5.6 or higher is required in order to run the plugin.
  • can be used to re-deploy the documentation any time the documentation changes.
  • Build documentation for the package and dependencies using swift package generate-documentation

Requires a new dependency in your Package.swift file

let package = Package(
    // name, platforms, products, etc.
    dependencies: [
        // other dependencies
        .package(url: "https://github.com/apple/swift-docc-plugin", from: "1.0.0"),
    targets: [
        // targets

Navigation sidebar

Generated web documentation now has a navigation sidebar

Has a 'filter' field at the bottom of the navigation.

Missing anything? Corrections? Contributions are welcome 😃