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Description: Take a deeper dive into the latest tools, technologies, and advances across Apple platforms to help you create even better apps.

Sketchnote about WWDC22 Platforms State of the Union talk with news about Swift, SwiftUI, System Experiences and new APIs

Xcode Cloud

  • available starting today


25 hours/month100 hours/month250 hours/month1000 hours/month
  • 25 hours/month free until end of 2023

Vision for the Developer Platform


  • swift-async-algorithms - open-source package that brings concurrency to Swift's rich set of existing sequence algorithms
  • new set of clock types for representing time units
  • new set of async algorithms builds on these clock types to provide many time-based algorithms, e.g.:
fastEvents.throttle(for: .seconds (1)) // helps slow down updates from a sequence
  • distributed actors
    • actors can communicate across multiple processes or devices. The distributed keyword marks these actors and methods that can be accessed remotely
    • just as actors help Swift protect your state data from race conditions, distributed actors help Swift make them available outside your process, using a pluggable transport mechanism
  • regular expressions
    • new regular expression literal
    • built directly into the language, allowing the Swift compiler to check for correctness
    • unlock the power of Swift's type system when you're extracting information with a regular expression
    • Unicode support
let order = "Order from <Betsy's Bakery>, type: maple frosted, count in dozen: 3"
let regex = /Order from <(.*)>, type: (.*), count in dozen: ([0-9]+)/
order.firstMatch(of: regex)

let log = "0   FoodTruckKit    0x000000018a0e5d88 Donut.bake() + 144"
let logRegex = /\s+([a-zA-Z_.]+)\s+(0x[\da-fA-F]+)/
log.firstMatch(of: logRegex)
  • Regex Builders
    • can directly convert a regular expression literal into a regex builder
let log = "0   FoodTruckKit    0x000000018a0e5d88 Donut.bake() + 144"
let logRegex = Regex {
  Capture {
    OneOrMore {
  Capture {

log.firstMatch(of: logRegex)
  • Swift Generics improvements
  • Package Plugins
    • instead of code in your app, they're code that helps build your app
    • can be invoked from the command line or within Xcode, either as part of your build phase or on-demand
    • run in a sandbox environment which prompts you for permission before reading or modifying your code
    • examples: linting, formatting, code generation
    • can run on Xcode Cloud
  • build improvements
    • new parallelization efforts
    • (static) link time is up to twice as fast
  • Swift concurrency runtime is now more tightly integrated with the OS
  • launch time for apps written in Swift is dramatically faster on iOS 16 (up to 2x)
  • wall of features:
    • Predictable ARC
    • Compile-time constants
    • any for all protocols
    • Flexible pointer comparisons
    • Implicit type parameters
    • Lightweight requirements
    • Type placeholders
    • SwiftPM plugins
    • Top-level async
    • Pointer comparisons
    • Pairwise result builders
    • Optimizations written in Swift
    • Distributed actors
    • Flexbile key coding
    • Regex literals
    • Better memory binding
    • Temporary buffers
    • Multi-statement closure type inference
    • Faster declaration checking
    • Protocol opening
    • Faster linking
    • Protocol caching on startup
    • @Sendable closures
    • Efficient Array metadata
    • Eager compilation
    • Async Algorithms
    • Unicode character classes
    • Concurrency back-deployment
    • if let shorthand
    • Clock types
    • Function back-deployment
    • Module disambiguation
    • Pointer conversion for C calls
    • Sendable
    • Native grapheme breaking
    • Faster Set operations


  • new navigation API
    • programmatic control over view presentation
    • can easily save and restore selection
    • can replace the full contents of a navigation stack
NavigationStack(path: $navPath) {
    .navigationDestination(for: Album.self) { AlbumDetail($0) }
    .navigationDestination(for: Artist.self) { ArtistDetail($0) }
  • Grid
    • new API that makes it easier to lay out a set of views aligned across multiple rows and columns
    • new custom layout API
      • gives you the flexibility to build any type of layout you want
      • e.g., flow layout, radial layout
  • half sheet API (UIKit's Detents API)
  • share sheet support
  • new UICollectionViewCell contentConfiguration of type UIHostingConfiguration for hosting SwiftUI views in collection view cells:
cell.contentConfiguration = UIHostingConfiguration {
	// your SwiftUI view here
  • Swift Charts
    • highly customizable charting framework
    • makes it easy to create visualizations
    • uses the same declarative syntax as SwiftUI
Chart(data) { element in
  	x: .value("Product", element.product),
  	y: .value("Sales", element.sales)
  • New ViewThatFits view
    • A view that adapts to the available space by providing the first child view that fits
ViewThatFits {
  HStack {
    // content
  VStack {
  	// content
  • (macOS) new MenuBarExtra API
    • menu bar extras are those are the icons on the upper right corner of your screen, like Wi-Fi and Spotlight
    • add it to the body of your app
struct MyApp: App {
  var body: some Scene {
    WindowGroup {
    	// ..
    #if os(macOS)
    MenuBarExtra {
      ScrollView {
        VStack(spacing: 0) {
          BrandHeader(animated: false, size: .reduced)
          Text("Donut stuff!")
    } label: {
      Label("Food Truck", systemImage: "box.truck")

System Experience

Lock Screen widgets

  • essentially watchOS complications for iOS
  • Circular widget
  • Rectangular
  • Inline - tiny amount of text/SF Symbols above the clock on iPhone
  • from WatchOS 9 complications also work with WidgetKit

Live Activities

  • also backed by WidgetKit and SwiftUI
  • can animate your updates from one state to the next

Messages Collaboration API

  • new way to enhance collaborative experiences
  • can start a collaboration via the or drag & drop
  • uses existing API

App Intents Framework

  • Automatic generation of App Shortcuts, without the need for the user to manually create or add to Siri
  • no separate intent definition files or code generation, your code is the source of truth
  • If you adopted Intents to integrate with Widgets or domains like media or messaging, you should keep using the SiriKit Intents framework
  • For developers who build custom intents for Siri and Shortcuts, you should go ahead and upgrade to App Intents
    • Xcode can convert your custom intents to App Intents

New APIs

  • DriverKit is now available on iOS 16 and iPadOS 16
  • CallKit is now available in watchOS 9 and macOS 13
  • ScanKit and RoomPlan have new features that use AR and LiDAR scanning
  • Focus filters let you adjust the content of your app based on the user's current focus
  • MapKit
    • new 3D City Experience available, camera controls
    • Look Around
    • Apple Maps Server APIs
      • Geocode - turns a lat/long into an address
      • Reverse Geocode - turns an address into GPS coordinates
      • Search
      • Estimated Times of Arrival
  • New WeatherKit (available in all platforms), pricing:
500K API calls/month1M API calls/month2M API calls/month5M API calls/month10M API calls/month20M API calls/month

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