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Sketchnote of Apple WWDC keynote 2022 with announcements for iOS 16, watchOS 9, the new chip M2, macOS Ventura and iPadOS 16

iOS 16

Lock Screen

Focus on personalization.

  • can be now customized similarly to Apple Watch faces
    • can change color theme (which applies effect to both text and photo)
    • can change the font of the clock
    • to customize it, press and hold on the lockscreen
    • can have multiple lockscreens
    • can have special lockscreens like weather, that will take over the whole lockscreen to show the weather status
    • can automatically changed with Focus
  • can display app widgets
  • The camera and flashlight buttons are still there and cannot be customized
  • Notifications are now placed at the bottom of the Lock Screen
  • New Live Activities
    • a combination between a widget and notifications to show important events to the user as they happen
    • this replaces sending multiple notifications to the user
    • useful for keeping up with a food delivery state, a car ride, a sports game
    • this is also used by and
    • Live Activities API available starting in an update to iOS 16 later this year


Further extended its functionality.

  • used to filter app content
    • in, you can filter the displayed tabs (e.g., only work related tabs during "work" focus)
    • similarly, you can filter conversations in Messages, accounts in Mail, and events in Calendar
    • new Focus Filter API for developers

  • can now edit sent messages
  • can unsend messages
  • can mark threads unread

Shared with You

  • new API for developers to use (previously this feature was exclusive to the system only)


  • Users can discover which apps support it directly from the FaceTime call
  • Can start a SharePlay session from


  • can switch between voice and touch without having to reactivate dictation over and over
  • the keyboard still shows while dictation is active


  • can create new shortcuts without using SiriKit with a new App Intents API

Live Text

  • video support
  • quick actions: can covert currency and translate foreign languages right from the video/photo
  • has now a camera view for live translations
  • new Live Text API, for extracting text from photos and videos

Apple Pay

  • Apple Pay Later
    • split the cost of an Apple Pay purchase into four equal payments spread over six weeks
    • zero interest and no fees of any kind
    • available everywhere Apple Pay is accepted in apps and online
    • upcoming payments are tracked through
  • Apple Pay Order Tracking
    • enables merchants to deliver detailed receipt and tracking information directly to Wallet

Apple Maps

  • new redesigned map coming to:
    • Belgium
    • France
    • Israel
    • Liechtenstein
    • Luxembourg
    • Monaco
    • Netherlands
    • New Zealand
    • Palestinian Territories
    • Saudi Arabia
    • Switzerland
  • new city experience coming to:
    • Atlanta
    • Chicago
    • Las Vegas
    • London
    • Los Angeles
    • Melbourne
    • Miami
    • Montreal
    • New York
    • Philadelphia
    • San Diego
    • San Francisco
    • Seattle
    • Sydney
    • Toronto
    • Vancouver
    • Washington DC

New features:

  • multistop routing - up to 15 stops in advance
  • transit fares display
  • apps can now:
    • display maps with City Experience
    • display Look Around images from Apple Maps

Family Sharing

  • iCloud Shared Photo Library
    • help share photos seamlessly and even automatically
    • separate iCloud library that everyone can contribute to and collaborate on
    • shared with up to five other people.
    • You can share either:
      • everything already in your library
      • choose what to include based on a start date or the people in the photos


  • Safety Check
    • a new section in Settings where you can quickly review and reset the access you've granted to others
    • examples:
      • stops sharing your location
      • resets privacy permissions for all apps
      • protect messages access


  • Matter support
  • redesigned


  • deeper integration with the car's hardware
  • takes over all displays in the car, including the driver's one
  • widgets support
  • customizable gauges style/colors

WatchOS 9

  • Four new Watch Faces:
    • Astronomy
    • Lunar
    • Play Time
    • Metropolitan
  • refreshed Siri UI
  • new banner notifications
  • active apps will be pinned to the top of the Dock for quick access
  • new Share Sheet and Photos Picker APIs
  • further CallKit support: you can start, end, or mute VoIP calls directly on Apple Watch


  • new metrics:
    • Running Form metrics:
      • vertical oscillation
      • stride length
      • ground contact time
      • power
  • new custom workout that you can use to add structure into your workout (for running and more)


  • Sleep stages - display more details on each sleep
  • AFib History - track the amount of time your heart shows signs of atrial fibrillation
  • - track your medications, vitamins, and supplements

MacOS Ventura

  • Stage Manager
    • new way to automatically keep everything organized and give you quick access to your windows
    • allows focusing on specific open windows
  • Spotlight
    • Quick Look support
    • can take actions like start a timer and run shortcuts
    • Rich results - results can give more info taking over the whole spotlight screen (including in iOS)
    • undo send
    • schedule send
    • follow up suggestions
    • improved search
    • Shared Tab Group
    • Passkeys is no longer a technology preview
  • Metal 3
    • MetalFX Upscaling - faster render for visually complex scenes
    • Fast resource loading API - more direct path from storage to the unified memory system, so the GPU can more quickly access high-quality textures and buffers without waiting
  • Continuity
    • FaceTime handoff support
    • Continuity camera - use your iPhone camera for calls on the mac

iPadOS 16

  • WeatherKit for developers
  • Collaboration
    • instead of sharing a copy of a file - we can share the same file that all users can edit
    • can send message and start FaceTime calls directly in the app
    • new API for developers
    • iOS and macOS support
    • new way to brainstorm your ideas with others
    • it's a virtual whiteboard where users can sketch, write, add photos/files, and more
  • Game Center
    • Activity
      • what your friends are playing
      • friends achievements highlights
      • find out when they beat your high score
  • Desktop-class apps
    • more system wide features similarly to macOS
    • more desktop-like features in system apps
    • customizable toolbars
    • new APIs for developers
  • Reference Mode
    • Used where accurate colors and consistent image quality are critical
  • Display scaling setting
    • allows you to increase the pixel density of the display so you can view more in your apps
  • Virtual Memory Swap
    • iPad storage can be used to expand the available memory for all apps
    • can delivers up to 16 GB of memory to a single app
  • Stage Manager
    • can overlap windows on iPadOS
    • external display support
    • between iPad and the external display, you can have up to eight apps running onscreen simultaneously

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