What's new in App Store Connect

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover the latest updates to App Store Connect, your suite of tools to create, manage, and submit apps on the App Store. Learn about enhancements to the submission experience — including the ability to manage submissions in App Store Connect on iOS and iPadOS — as well as the newest updates to the App Store Connect API and much more.

What’s new in App Store Connect

Recent Updates

  • App Clips API
  • Custom Offer Codes
  • TestFlight for Mac
  • TestFlight Group Column
  • TestFlight Internal Group Management
  • in-App Events
  • Custom Product Pages
  • Transfer Apps That Use Apple Wallet
  • Product Page Optimization
  • Xcode Cloud
  • Enhanced App Store Submission Experience

Enhanced App Store Submission

  • Can submit multiple items (app versions, in app events, product pages, etc.) at once
    • helps ensure a consistent review, all reviewed within 24h
    • you can edit and re-submit (option A)
    • you can remove rejected items (option B)
  • Submit without need of new app version
    • each submission has an associated platform
    • each platform has its set of review items
    • you can have 1 in-progress submission per platform
  • iOS Review Submission
    • App version takes precedence, possible without when previously approved iOS version

Dedicated submission page

  • App Review page gives an overview of submission status
  • Enhanced submission experience now also on iOS & iPad
    • Allows submitting from iPhone
    • Manage submissions
    • Seeing rejection reasons
    • Replying to App Review

App Store Connect API

  • 2.1 is bringing 60% more resources
  • In-app purchases and subscriptions
    • New subscription resource
    • Create, edit, and delete
    • Manage pricing
    • Submit for review
    • Create offers & promo codes
  • Customer reviews and developer responses
  • App hang diagnostics (in Xcode & API)
    • Analyze and eliminate app hangs
    • View new diagnostic signature
    • Download detailed logs
  • Fully embraced REST APIs, XML API is being deprecated

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