Meet WeatherKit

Description: WeatherKit offers valuable weather data for your apps and services to help people stay up to date on the latest conditions. Learn how to use Swift and REST APIs to access information about the current weather, 10-day hourly forecasts for temperature, expected precipitation, wind reports, the UV Index, and more. We’ll also share how WeatherKit can provide timely, hyperlocal weather information without compromising someone’s personal data or their privacy.

  • new framework
  • powered by Apple Weather Service
  • uses high-resolution weather models
  • uses machine learning and prediction algorithms

Available datasets

Data available:

  • Current weather
  • Minute forecast
  • Hourly
  • forecast
  • Daily forecast
  • Weather alerts
  • Historical
  • weather
  • UV index
  • Humidity
  • Pressure
  • Moonset
  • Precipitation chance
  • Cloud cover
  • Visibility
  • Condition
  • temperature
  • Wind gust
  • Sunrise
  • Pressure trend /
  • Wind speed
  • Moonrise
  • Weather severity
  • Precipitation
  • intensity
  • Precipitation amount
  • High temperature
  • Wind
  • direction
  • Low temperature
  • Dew point
  • Apparent
  • temperature
  • Moon phase
  • Sunset
  • Snowfall amount

Data sets:

  • Current weather
    • "now" conditions at the requested location
    • represents a single point in time and includes conditions like UV index, temperature, and wind
  • Minute forecast
    • minute-by-minute precipitation conditions for the next hour
  • Hourly forecast
    • collection of forecasts starting on the current hour
    • provides data for up to 240 hours
    • each hour includes conditions like humidity, visibility, pressure, and dew point
  • Daily forecast
    • forecast collection of 10 days
    • each day provides information about the entire day, like the high and low temperature, sunrise, and sunset
  • Weather alerts
    • severe weather warnings issued for the requested location
    • important information to keep your users safe, informed, and prepared
  • Historical weather
    • saved weather forecasts from the past
    • you can access historical data by specifying a start and end date to the hourly and daily requests

Requesting weather

Two ways:


import WeatherKit
import CoreLocation

let weatherService = WeatherService()
let location = CLLocation(latitude: 43, longitude: -76)
let weather = try! await location)
let temperature = weather.currentWeather.temperature
let uvIndex = weather.currentWeather.uvIndex

WeatherKit REST API

/* Request a token */
const tokenResponse = await fetch('');
const token = await tokenResponse.text();

/* Get my weather object */
const url = ""

const weatherResponse = await fetch(url, {
  headers: {
    "Authorization": token
const weather = await weatherResponse.json();

/* Check for active weather alerts */
const alerts = weather.weatherAlerts;
const detailsUrl = weather.weatherAlerts.detailsUrl;

Publishing requirements

  1. attribution: you must display a link that is retrieved from the Attribution APIs
  2. attribution logo: you must display the Apple Weather logo, given both by WeatherKit and the rest API
  3. if you show weather alters: you must link to a Weather alert page included in the response

Missing anything? Corrections? Contributions are welcome 😃

Written by

Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

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