Meet MusicKit for Swift

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: MusicKit makes it easy to integrate Apple Music into your app. Explore the Swift-based framework: We’ll take you through the basic process of using MusicKit — including how to find, request, and play content — and show you how you can incorporate music subscription workflows into your app if someone hasn’t yet signed up to Apple Music.

  • MusicKit allows access to Apple Music API to search for content
  • It also allows for playback in third party apps (user needs to be subscribed)
  • Music items: Album with attributes, relationships and associations
  • Use album.with([.artists, .tracks, .relationAlbums]) for fetching relationships
  • All calls are using Swift concurrency, so try await needed on call site
  • Playback integrates with system, so media controls in lock screen work for example
  • Requests done via MusicCatalogResourceRequest<Album>(matching:equalTo:)
  • Then just call try await request.response() on the request object
  • Contributor comment: The networking structure here is interesting, maybe a new platform best practice!?
  • User consent is needed to access music listening history & music library (separately)
  • Access is given once per device & per app, dialog has “yes” / “no” options
  • As always, a usage description must be provided in Info.plist file
  • Use MusicAuthorization.request() (async method) to get access in MusicKit
  • API token for Apple Music API is automated by Xcode, just check the box in Connect
  • 3 information to check regarding subscription capabilities:
    • can play catalog content, has cloud library enabled & can become subscriber
  • MusicSubscription.subscriptionUpdates informs app when user subscribes
  • Two players available, SystemMusicPlayer integrates with system more, ApplicationMusicPlayer allows for more customization for the app like playback queue
  • Apple Music free trial can be started right within third party apps via system sheet
  • New Affiliate program to get bonus if users subscribe via 3rd party app
  • Class supports album customization, named MusicSubscriptionOffer (.Options)
  • Possible use cases: background music in games, music during workouts, social media

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Cihat Gündüz

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