SwiftUI on the Mac: The finishing touches

Description: Join us for part two of our Code-Along series as we use SwiftUI to build a Mac app from start to finish. The journey continues as we explore how our sample gardening app can adapt to a person’s preferences and specific workflows. Learn how SwiftUI apps can automatically react to system settings, and discover how you can use that information to add more personality to an app. We’ll show you how you can give people the flexibility to customize an app through Settings, and explore how to use different workflows for manipulating someone’s data (like drag and drop). To finish, we’ll show you how you can move data to and from an app, incorporating features like Continuity Camera to provide a simple workflow for importing images. This is the second session in a two-part Code-Along series. To get the most out of this session, we recommend first watching “SwiftUI on the Mac: Build the fundamentals.” And for more background on working with these frameworks, watch Introduction to SwiftUI from WWDC20.

Code along session, download the project here.


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Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

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