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Sketchnote of WWDC Keynote 2021 with announcements about iOS 15, iPadOS 15, macOS Monterey and more

iOS 15

  • FaceTime
    • Spacial Audio - to make it look like the audio comes from whoever is speaking
    • voice isolation - to filter our everything but the speaker voice
    • grid view - to see all calls participants at once
    • portrait mode - for blurring the background
    • links - generate FaceTime invite/links, works with any desktop/mobile browser
    • SharePlay
      • do activities together (like watching the same movie)
      • share your screen
      • open for 3rd party developers
  • Messages
    • improved media visualizations
    • shared links in messages will show up in the
    • shared playlists in messages will show up on
    • shared images in messages will show up in the Photo gallery
    • can pin messages
  • Notifications
    • new look
    • notification summary - collection of notifications delivered on user's schedule
    • notifications from people (direct messages and more) won't show up in the summaries
  • Focus
    • Do not disturb status shows up in
    • Focus is an advanced Do not disturb, where users can pick which apps can notify you and more
    • Focus is set on all user devices automatically
  • Live Text
    • live text recognition on
    • text recognition on
    • 7 languages
    • iOS/iPadOS/maoOS
    • works with art, books, nature, pets, landmarks
  • Spotlight
    • searches for photos directly in spotlight
    • rich contacts results
    • rich results for VIPs as well (actors and more)
  • Photo Memories
    • better, more interactive memories
  • Wallet.pp
    • HomeKit key to get into homes/hotels
    • digital ids (driving license) support (US only)
    • redesigned
    • more data
    • full screen high resolution weather maps
    • new interactive globe
    • elevation
    • roads signs (cross blocks, bike lanes, ..)
    • 3d landmarks, with light and dark mode
    • transit improvements
  • AirPods
    • conversation boost - AirPods act as hearing aid when somebody is talking directly to the user
    • announce notifications and reminders
    • more Find me improvements
    • Spatial Audio on tvOS and M1 macOS machines
    • now in iPadOS
    • translate things without tapping buttons
    • system-wide translation: select something and hit translate, even live text

iPadOS 15

  • Widgets
    • can be put anywhere on the screen
    • new large size, exclusive to iPads
  • App Library - like in iOS 14
  • Can hide springboard pages - like in iOS 14
  • improved multitasking with iPadOS shelf and easier screen management
  • Notes
    • multi user improvements: mentions, activity/history view
    • tags
    • Quick note: swipe from bottom right corner to create a quick note
  • Swift Playgrounds
    • can build entire apps
    • Xcode Cloud
    • better autocompletion
  • Mail Privacy protection
    • hides IP address and user location
    • hides when/if and how often an email is open
  • App Privacy reports - new section in that lets us download reports on user data usage
  • Siri - on device voice recognition
  • Recovery Contact - lets you add somebody that can reset your account password for you if you forget it
  • Digital Legacy - lets you add somebody that can inherit your info when you pass away
  • iCloud+
    • Private relay - Safari's VPN - no one can see what you browse
    • Hide My Email - lets you sign up on services with random emails that you can get rid of if needed
    • HomeKit Secure Video
    • for free for all iCloud subscribers

watchOS 8

    • walk steadiness tracking and alerts
    • share your Health data with contacts, receive alerts on health changes of other people
    • sleep Respiratory tracking
    • now helps you be more mindful as well
  • New portrait mode watch face


  • use your phone/watch to enter your home/hotels
  • Siri can be installed in 3rd party HomeKit products

macOS 12 Monterey

  • Universal control - use a single mouse and keyboard to work across devices, can move files too
  • Airplay to Mac (even just as a speaker)
    • minimized UI
    • tab groups
    • web extensions on iOS/iPadOS

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