What's new in Mac Catalyst

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover the latest updates to Mac Catalyst and find out how you can make your app feel even more at home on macOS. Learn about a variety of new and enhanced UIKit APIs that let you customize your Mac Catalyst app to take advantage of behaviors unique to macOS. To get the most out of this session, we recommend a basic familiarity with Mac Catalyst. Check out “Introducing iPad Apps for Mac” from WWDC19 to acquaint yourself. For more on refining your Mac Catalyst app, watch “Optimize the interface of your Mac Catalyst app” from WWDC20.

  • New: changesSelectionAsPrimaryAction for toggle buttons
  • New: ToolTips are now available via UIToolTipInteraction, works on all views
  • UIControl gets an extra .toolTip for convenience
  • UILabel receives new showsExpansionTextWhenTruncated option
  • New UIApplicationSupportsPrintCommand in Info.plist for adding print menu item
  • New UIResponder action printContent for preparing views for print
  • New windows subtitle support via UIScene .subtitle
  • UIButton and UISlider can now be opted-out for custom resizing
  • UIBehavioralStyle can be changed via preferredBehavioralStyle for Catalyst
  • Opting out of window tabbing via UIApplicationSupportsTabbedSceneCollection
  • New UIPointerLockState especially for games to control cursor
  • New UIPointerShape via beam(preferredLength:axis:) will give cursor shapes
  • Cursor can be hidden now when necessary by UIPointerStyle.hidden

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