Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web

Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Face ID and Touch ID provide a frictionless experience when logging in — and now you can use them on your websites in Safari with the Web Authentication API. Discover how to add this convenient and secure login alternative to your website.

  • Use web authentication standard, FIDO sticks are now basically integrated into iOS!
  • Supports multi factor authentication in a single step
  • 2 information combined: something you own, something you are
  • Optional attestation available in web authentication API, Apple makes this privacy-safe
  • Can be turned on after signing in via password, future sign ins possible safely
  • Doesn't replace existing authentication, just a secure and convenient re-signin
  • Code outline and steps for backend in JavaScript provided in session

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Written by

Cihat Gündüz

Cihat Gündüz

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