Build localization-friendly layouts using Xcode

Description: Localizing your app is a wonderful way to share your work with a worldwide audience and make it relevant to more cultures and languages. We’ll show you how you can prepare for localization before ever translating a word by building thoughtful layouts for your app. Learn how to structure your UI in Xcode, identify common issues prevalent with more verbose and right-to-left languages, and easily adapt your interfaces to provide a great experience for everyone.

Design best practices

  • Avoid fixed widths or frames
  • Avoid fixed spacing between distant objects
  • Allow multiple lines of wrapped text when it makes sense
  • Do not place too many controls in a fixed space (e.g. four buttons side by side)

Demo project

The demo project comes with a ReadjustingStackView which switches axis (horizontal -> vertical) when the optimal horizontal space, computed via systemLayoutSizeFitting(), exceeds the available space.

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Written by

Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

Software engineer with a strong passion for well-written code, thought-out composable architectures, automation, tests, and more.