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Written by Cihat Gündüz

Description: Discover how to implement AutoFill in your app and help people enter their information into fields easily, privately, and securely. Learn how to help the system to give better suggestions that tailor to your app's functionality: offer smart location suggestions within a navigation app, for example, or provide a private way to input contact information into fields from the QuickType bar. In macOS Big Sur, AutoFill has been extended beyond Safari, to apps. Learn about the small changes that you can make to take advantage of this feature and bring convenience, added security, and a frictionless experience to people using your macOS apps. For more on the latest privacy improvements to our platforms, watch “Build trust through better privacy.”

  • iOS will suggest recent addresses in text fields intelligently, adopt .textContentType = .fullStreetAddress on UITextView and UITextField (works with other types, too)
  • Instead of asking for contact access, consider using CNContactPickerViewController (needs no access)
  • In iOS 14 contact information in the QuickType keyboard is suggested for quick input (no access needed)
  • AutoFill comes to macOS Big Sur, too (didn't exist before) – works just like in iOS, supports other password managers

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Cihat Gündüz

Cihat Gündüz

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