What’s New in File Management and Quick Look

Description: Your iOS app can now access files stored on external devices via USB and SMB. Understand best practices for creating a document-based app that reads, writes, and manages files on physical media or networked storage. Learn about enhancements to Quick Look on iOS and macOS that help you access and display file thumbnails.

New in iOS 13

  • An app can present a UIDocumentPickerViewController to let the user pick a folder (previously it was possible to pick only one file). After validation, the app will be granted recursive access to the directory as well as all of its contents.
  • The app can now set the default directory that is shown on the document picker when presented.

In the Settings.app’s Privacy section a user can revoke access to an app folder at any time. Our app must make sure that this is handled gracefully.

File System/Drives Support

  • Support for USB and SMB

Supported File Systems on USB drives:

  • APFS
  • HFS+
  • FAT
  • ExFAT

All apps built against the iOS 13 SDK get automatic USB/SMB support when using:

No further action required.

Important iOS 13 Changes

Make sure the app file access is rock solid by being prepared for:

  • Multiple volumes
  • Volumes that can suddenly disappear
  • Slower file system operations
  • File systems with varying capabilities
  • Always test using an external USB thumb drive or SMB server

File Thumbnails

In iOS 13 we can fetch and display file thumbnails in our apps, thanks to a new cross-platform framework QuickLookThumbnailing.

This framework lets us go from left to right:

In short, it lets us show previews for several file types (iOS and macOS already provide previews for most of the popular extensions).

Use Quick Look to edit images, PDF, and videos (iOS only).

With iOS 13 users can edit files directly from the preview (see Introducing PencilKit for more). Videos can be cropped and rotated in the preview (if we enable so).

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