What's New in Apple File Systems

Written by Stefan Herold

Description: Learn about what's new in file system technology, including changes to file system layout and imaging technologies. If you are affected by the new Read Only System Volume, this is a session you will not want to miss.

Protecting System Software

  • System integrity protection to prevent file system (FS) modification by malicious software
  • System FS will now be read-only
  • Connection between read-only and read-write FS by Firmlinks
  • Firmlinks
    • Consistent forward and backward traversal of the file name space
    • For directories only
    • Created on the system volume on installation time
    • Neither expected to be noticed by any user nor application
  • Read-only state can be disabled temporarily until after a reboot

Apple Software Restore (ASR), Volume Replication and Snapshots

  • Intention is to copy whole volume content including metadata which is superior to file-only copy
  • Usable by Enterprise/Education, IT to setup labs and/or backup utilities
  • New: APFS volume replication with ASR
    • Decryption / Encryption is no part of generation / restore process (on-the-fly defragmentation)
    • Restore and erase target volume: sudo asr restore --source file.dmg --target /Volumes/Volume2 --erase
    • Restore to newly created target volume: sudo asr restore --source file.dmg --target /dev/disk1
    • Restore with snapshots: sudo asr restore --source file.dmg --target /Volumes/Target --toSnapshot Snap1
    • Restore snapshot delta: sudo asr restore --source file.dmg --target /Volumes/Target --fromSnapshot Snap1 --toSnapshot Snap2

External File Access on iOS

  • Access files from network (SMB 3.0) and USB (unencrypted APFS, unencrypted HFS Plus, FAT, ExFAT) sources
  • For security reasons all FS manipulations happen in dedicate process space, not in kernel
  • Pay attention to volume capabilities (case sensitivity, ...)
  • File movement may take time now
  • External devices can disappear

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