Love at First Launch

Description: Engage people from the first moment they open your app, and keep them coming back for more. Learn tips on how to make a compelling first impression, methods for teaching new users about your app, and best practices when asking users for more information.

At first app launch, lead with great content:

  • do not make the user start their journey with a sign-in wall
  • let the user browse and use the app first
  • ask for sign-in only when necessary (e.g. before booking a place, or ordering food)

Teach through interaction:

  • strive to design your interfaces to be as intuitive and as easy to understand as possible
  • ideally, no upfront instruction is needed at all (no on-boarding, tool tips, etc)

Delay permission requests for more data:

  • do not ask for camera, location, heathKit, etc. permission at app launch
  • make requests on an as-needed basis
  • ensure people understand the value of sharing their private data with you, ideally before you ask for it
  • Once that permission has been granted, reinforce the decision by showing off the benefits you'll provide with that data

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Written by

Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

Software engineer with a strong passion for well-written code, thought-out composable architectures, automation, tests, and more.