Introducing Core NFC

Description: Core NFC is an exciting new framework that enables you to read NFC tags in your apps on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Learn how to integrate Core NFC into your apps, key requirements for using this feature, and start thinking about the new kinds of apps that are enabled with NFC capabilities.

Currently iPhone supports only reading NFC, they can’t write to NFC tags (this changed from iOS 13, any iPhone from 7 and later can write).

To use Core NFC capabilities we need to:

  • enable its entitlement.
  • add a usage description in the info.plist

How to read:
The app has to start a “tag reading session”, which will be valid as long as the app stays in the foreground with the NFC UI visible (see below). Each session has a 60 seconds lifespan, after which a new session has to be started.

Two modes:

  • Single Tag: the session aims to read one tag and will end as soon as any tag is read.
  • Multiple Tags Session: the session will continue even after reading one or more tags (up to 60s).


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Written by

Federico Zanetello

Federico Zanetello

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