A Strategy for Great Work

Written by Yi Ding

Description: Experience with past projects can help you do better work in the future if you can draw out the right lessons from what's happened. Hear stories and gain valuable insights from a senior engineer, with a lot of Apple software development experience, who's learned a few lessons along the way and figured out some useful approaches to take.

  • Know a good idea when you see it
  • Don't try to solve every problem at once
  • Find smart friends and listen to them
  • Work should explain itself
  • Choose the simplest thing which might work
  • Only show your best work
  • Iterating quickly leads to better work
  • Be kind to people, but be honest about work
  • Separate yourself from your work
  • You’re never done

This note was originally published at github.com/antonio081014/WWDC_Learning_Review.

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Written by

Yi Ding

Yi Ding

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