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The TL;DW for Apple's WWDC videos.


App Store & Distribution

Engineering Subscriptions


Creating Apps for a Global Audience
What's New in Cocoa Touch
Introduction to Siri Shortcuts
Building for Voice with Siri Shortcuts
Siri Shortcuts on the Siri Watch Face
High Performance Auto Layout
TextKit Best Practices
A Tour of UICollectionView
Using Collections Effectively
Adding Delight to your iOS App
UIKit: Apps for Every Size and Shape
New Localization Workflows in Xcode 10
Your Apps and the Future of macOS Security
What’s New in User Notifications
Using Grouped Notifications


The Qualities of Great Design
Intentional Design
The Life of a Button
Creating Great AR Experiences
Designing Notifications

Developer Tools

What's New in Swift
What's New in Testing
Measuring Performance Using Logging
Swift Generics (Expanded)
Practical Approaches to Great App Performance
Testing Tips & Tricks

Graphics & Games

What’s New in ARKit 2